About Us


Chris Ransome & Associates Inc. (d.b.a. CRA), a Texas Corporation, is a specialized professional land and hydrographic surveying firm using the latest automated data acquisition systems. We were established in Houston in 1986 by a team consisting predominantly of experiencedCRansomePic land and offshore surveyors who had spent several years working in the Oil Industry, developing and using computer-based radio positioning and satellite positioning systems.  CRA was formed to work in the civil engineering sector in coastal areas and inland waterways and to bring the same level of technology to this market.


MLahrPicMany years later, CRA is now one of the more established hydrographic survey contractors in the USA with four of our own vessels ready with equipment installed onboard to mobilize immediately.  In addition to regularly working for clients throughout the USA, we survey most of the private docks on the Houston Ship Channel, as well many other docks along the Texas coast in the ports of Freeport, Texas City, and Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange.  Over the years, CRA has also added a number of techniques and disciplines to better serve our clients. These include the new multibeam swath bathymetry systems, underwater sediment sampling, and now, underwater facilities inspection using high resolution acoustic sonars. KHargettPic

Although based in Houston, we regularly work throughout the USA with completed projects in over 26 states/dependencies, as well as overseas in Mexico and Venezuela, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, St. Marten, Puerto Rico, and finally, in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Our mission is to provide the best product, with the best technology at the best price and with the best service!

Please give us a call and we will help you decide the best way to get the data you need for your project!