“What’s New With CRA” Blog: The Port of Port Arthur- Doing Business Internationally and Making Waves | 01/25/2016

By: Laci Theriot Date 1/25/16 The Port of Port Arthur is more than just a direct transfer facility, it is a hub of international marine transportation. Just miles east of Houston and known for its … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: It’s Always Sunny at the Port of Galveston | 12/08/2015

By: Laci Theriot Date 12/8/15 The Port of Galveston is more than just a cruise terminal- it’s the governing body that makes up one of the major port systems along the Texas Coast. The Port … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Keeping the “Coast Clear” at Port Freeport | 09/01/2015

By: Laci Theriot August 28, 2015 As the 26th largest Port in the United States, Port Freeport is a small Texas port doing big things. Just miles southwest of Galveston Island and neighbors to the … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Hurricane Season Prep and Conditions | 06/18/2015

6/15/15 2:08 PM By: Laci Theriot As storm season is upon us and Tropical Storm Bill has paved its way along the Gulf Coast, and with the unpredictability, it is important to consider the impact … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Status of Underwater Investigations | 06/04/2015

By: Chris Ransome Date: 6/4/15 CRA has been developing various capabilities for underwater inspection using the new generation of high resolution sonars. There are two main types of acoustic sonars for this type of work … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Keeping Up With The Sabine-Neches Navigation District | 05/19/2015

By: Laci Theriot Date 4/10/15 The Sabine-Neches Waterway contains a triangular body of the Port of Beaumont, Port of Port Arthur, and Port of Orange, as well as the mouth of the Neches River. Locals … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Finding the Pot of Gold | 03/20/2015

On St. Patrick’s Day, we typically think of leprechauns, shamrocks, four leaf clovers, and luck. Here at CRA, you can call us “treasure hunters,” as we have a knack for finding things. As surveyors, our … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Sonar Operations | 02/13/2015

By: Laci Theriot Date: 2/14/15 The basic component of bathymetry involves the echo-sounding equipment used on the vessel. In this day and age of high accuracy, multi-beam depth sounders a solid mount for the expensive … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Horizontal Positioning | 01/16/2015

By: Laci Theriot Date: 1/16/15 The Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to display exact positions on land and over water. The accuracy of a position derived by GPS is determined by several factors, including … Read More

“What’s New With CRA” Blog: A Note From The President’s Desk | 12/30/2014

Date: 12/30/14 2014 has been a great year for CRA. We’ve expanded our team, added new survey vessels and equipment, became heavily involved in the new reality of sediment testing protocols, hired summer interns for … Read More