“What’s New With CRA” Blog: Sonar Operations | 02/13/2015

survey vessel

By: Laci Theriot
Date: 2/14/15

The basic component of bathymetry involves the echo-sounding equipment used on the vessel. In this day and age of high accuracy, multi-beam depth sounders a solid mount for the expensive underwater transducers is a must for good data quality. Over the last few years, a couple of manufacturers have marketing very stout aluminum over-the-side mounts that are also flexible in deployment and recovery. Universal Sonar Mount and Applied Marine Systems offer a variety of options to make the data collection process more adjustable, stable, and accurate- allowing the technician to connect a variety of sensors to it. Often mounts are custom-made by end users and of necessity are not readily retrievable on the boat and do not lock in place, but these mounts provide the adjustments required, but return the transducer to the exact same position with respect to the hull of the boat. The solid calibrations achieved from these units create a better quality product. CRA has certainly enjoyed having a USM mount on our newest boat, the “Tracker.”

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