Sediment Sampling

CRA has a well developed underwater sediment sampling program based on the use of an SDI portable 24v DC vibracorer. This unit uses a 3” diameter barrel either in aluminum, stainless steel, in lengths up to 20 feet, although 8 to 10 feet are more common. We can also use a Van Vleen type grab sampler for the first 6-9”. The vibracore does well in recent, soft sediments, but will lose penetration in formations that are harder and/or have lower water content. In the upper Texas Coast, the Beaumont clay will only give a small one to two inch “plug” at the bottom of the core tube at best.

A vibracore unit is perfect for sampling maintenance material in docks and harbors as well as unconsolidated material in rivers, lakes, and holding ponds.

CRA is familiar with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)/Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements and most other protocols from upland disposal area owners in Texas. We have the capability to provide a suite of sediment sampling services to fulfill these dredging SAP (Sampling Analysis Plan) requirements including producing sampling plans, collecting field samples, and producing final sampling reports for dredged material disposal.

CRA has performed numerous sampling projects for port authorities, terminals, engineers, and environmental firms along the Texas Coast. Our vessel is a 24 foot pontoon boat with a 90HP engine and has a special ‘A’ frame for the deployment of the vibracorer system and meets Coast Guard safety requirements. CRA also offers vessel support to environmental companies who need to subcontract out some of the sediment sampling work.

To request a sampling plan or services, please contact us to determine the required options and protocols.

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