Marine LIDAR

CRA is now in the process of leveraging our relationships with local equipment suppliers to bring a new suite of equipment and capabilities to the inshore civil engineering industry. Developments in mobile LIDAR systems now mean that above water detailed point clouds can be taken of shore side structures (docks, dolphins, jetties shoreline protection etc.) at a fraction of the normal cost. CRA owns a new M.D.L. “Dynascan” system that currently produces 3600 measurements per second from a single laser head. RTK GPS positioning is onboard, together with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for a rugged lightweight enclosure. CRA now has access to a dual head unit with longer range (300 meters instead of 150 meters). Initial projects would be to survey rock groins and breakwaters, jetties etc. to produce a continuous terrain model both above and below the water (using multibeam depth sounding). The result would be far more accurate volume estimates for repair after storms with no need to risk personnel on slippery rocks.


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