Survey Vessels

CRA maintains our new 26 foot survey vessel with aluminum construction, dual outboard engines, and a full cabin, a 24 foot “Privateer” survey vessel with 200HP outboard motor, a 19 foot “Offshore Yacht” center console boat with 140 HP outboard and a 17 foot “Tracker” jon-boat with 40HP outboard motor for hydrographic work. The Privateer has a fully enclosed cabin with equipment racks, and depth sounder transducers located to shoot through the hull directly below the mount for the positioning system. It has been modified to include special mounts for the multi?beam bathymetric system transducer.

Also available is a 24 foot aluminum pontoon boat with 70 HP outboard completes the line-up of the larger vessels. The latter was built to deploy the electric vibracorer (sediment sampling) but also is used for underwater imaging and ROV applications. A large “A” frame is mounted over the bow with electric winch and steel lifting cable. Larger 40 foot crew vessel type boats are rented for specific offshore projects. All CRA vessels are maintained to Coast Guard standards and include all safety equipment.

The boats are pulled by CRA’s survey vehicles: one (3/4 ton gas Chevy pickup, one 3/4 ton gas Ford pickup, two 3/4 ton Ford Diesel Pickups, and two Chevy/GMC 1 ton diesel pickups).

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